Triumphs new Intern – Aliahna

Hi there! My name is Aliahna and I am one of the newest interns at Triumph Expo & Events, Inc. I am a Senior at LIM College in New York City, and as a requirement of my school, I am completing a five month internship in the field of my choice. I could not think of a more exciting, fast paced industry other than the events industry to do my internship in and I was ecstatic when I was hired at Triumph.  I started my internship a little over a week ago and have already learned way more than I expected!  Because my internship is over five months long, I will be able to be exposed to all of the different aspects of the company here at Triumph. Right now I am in the Exhibitor Services department and we are in the middle of two different major shows and are planning for another show next week in Portland. Starting off in the Exhibitor Services department has been extremely beneficial for me because I had no idea what exhibitor services even was before I started at Triumph.  Yes, I’ve worked and volunteered at plenty of other events and shows, but not from the contractor side, only from the management and planning side.  There is so much that goes into a trade show that no one from the consumer side ever sees, and that is where Triumph comes into the picture.  Last week I got to help with the Seattle Gift Show and help with the exhibitors moving into the show, and this week we are helping them move out of the show while simultaneously helping another show move into the same venue on the same day, but into different rooms.  There is never a dull moment in the trade show industry, and I am definitely learning that in my first two weeks here at Triumph. Stay tuned because I will be writing weekly about my adventures at Triumph and all of the different things that I am learning!


About triumphexpoevents

Triumph is a WA based General Service Contractor (GSC).

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