Portland International Auto Show

Today marks the official end to the Portland International Auto Show, and the beginning of the two and a half day move out period.  Reflecting back on this last week I realize how much I have learned.  Starting last Sunday, we began moving cars into the Oregon Convention Center’s various ballrooms, meeting rooms, and exhibit floors.  Let me tell you, trying to coordinate hundreds of cars in to their designated spots is not for the faint of heart or those without tennis shoes on.  I feel like I have walked (and run) more during this last week than I did the entire time I lived in New York City, and I walked to all my classes every day when I lived there.  During the move in period, I was stationed in the Portland Ballroom which was the Eco Center.  The Eco Center was an entire ballroom of cars that are more eco friendly and have fewer emissions than normal cars, such as hybrids and electric cars.  There was an over 35 miles per gallon section, an under $21,000 section, as well as various different types of vehicles that were better for the environment in the other areas of the ballroom.  After coordinating all of the cars into their various spaces, we were required to take keys and disconnect battery cables, as per fire marshal rules. Let me tell you how hard it is to find some of the batteries on hybrid and all electric cars. Nothing looks the same under the hood, that’s for sure.  After a few mishaps such as a gas line leak, hydraulic fluid spill, and an oil leak, all of the cars were cleared by the fire marshal and the show opened.  The Triumph crew handled everything flawlessly even when faced with difficulties and truly shined during the show opening and throughout the weekend.  Interning at a company that feels like a family is one of the best things I have found so far at Triumph and I have loved every minute of my internship, even after two days of running back and forth between rooms and I feeling like my feet were going to fall off.  It is so rewarding seeing everything that you helped put together actually work and look good.  Later on today the craziness will ensue again as all of the cars have to be taken back out of the convention center to go back to their respective dealerships or manufacturers.  I am sure that the move out will be even smoother than the move in.  Stay tuned for next time to see how the show closed!  See you next week!


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Triumph is a WA based General Service Contractor (GSC).

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